“As You Like It,” A Reframing

As You Like It Drama Games

A good and gentle leader has been overthrown in a coup. His daughter must run away or be killed. She disguises herself as a man in order to protect herself while she searches for safety. In a world of political instability where brother is plotting to kill brother, people from all walks of life are trying to escape danger and make a life in exile in the woods.

"As You Like It," A Reframing
Souleymane Bah, Victor Flores, Jorge Pluas, Louis Sallan

“As You Like It” is a play redolent with themes of exile, yet often in production they take a backseat to its love story. Still rooted in Shakespeare’s text, the radical shift of “Arden/Everywhere” comes from taking seriously the stakes of the characters’ circumstances and making that the spine of the story. By bringing questions of exile and dislocation to the fore, the project re-imagines this familiar story filled with beloved characters, making it new and essential for a contemporary audience.